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I will be the first one to admit to using coconut oil everywhere. I use it in my baking, as a moisturizer for my skin & hair, and as a way to squash sugar cravings. Its gained popularity over the past few years and I bet you have a jar stored away in your house, too – ammmiright?

Paleo eaters & vegans alike are obsessed with this ultimate multi-tasker – so what else, besides being a kick-ass moisturizer or excellent baking aide, is the tropical oil good for? I’m sharing my top not-so-typical uses for this favorite below. .

    • Bulletproof coffee. Although I’m taking this month off coffee, when I do drink it it’s usually made from high quality beans and blended with a tablespoon each of unrefined, virgin coconut oil & grass-fed butter in the blender. The result is an incredibly creamy latte-like drink that gives you a dose of healthy fat and a boost of energy to power you through the day – sans jitters!
    • Oil pulling. This ancient Ayurvedic practice has been around for centuries – and for good reason. Swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes before brushing actually pulls out the bacteria from your gums, teeth, and all the little crevices, and then that bacteria is spit out with the coconut oil when 20 minutes is up. Studies have shown whiter teeth, fresher breath, less tooth decay, and even reduced headaches [thanks to toxins being pulled out, too]. Twenty minutes seems like a long time? Take a spoonful right away when you wake up so you can swish while you shower, or while you get your day in order.
    • Shaving. I’ll admit – I have pretty blonde hair, so shaving my legs isn’t number one priority for me. But when I do, my skin feels like a baby’s bum! Instead of using yucky chemical-loaded shaving creams, I switched to straight up coconut oil and my skin is so super happy. Not only will the tropical oil provide a smooth shave, but your legs will be so soft – you won’t even need to moisturize afterwards. [Its a major player in my DIY deodorant, too!]
    • Sweet suppressor. Before moving to DC, I was working with a fabulous makeup artist in Denver. In our practice, we educated out clients a lot on how to eat properly for their skin health. One of the biggies – quit sugar. He’s was constantly telling clients to take a spoonful of coconut oil [straight, no chaser] when sweet cravings hit hard. I’ve been going through January sans sugar, too, and its hard sometimes! But one thing that’s been saving me? Coconut oil! [duh] Because its a fat, its super satisfying – and the natural sweetness in this magic stuff holds me over until my sugar cravings go away. Just pop a spoonful into your mouth, chew it a bit and swallow! Sounds super bizarre, but I swear its a lifesaver.
    • Chocolate. Need I say more? When you just can’t suppress that craving for something sweet, lay off the cookie jar! Whip up this little ditty instead. .
      2 tbsp coconut oil [softened, not melted] + 2 tbsp raw cacao + 1/2 tsp pure maple syrup

      Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray [for individual chocolates], or spread on a sheet of parchment paper [for bark-style chocolate], and stick in the fridge for 30 minutes. When its hardened, its ready to eat!

What are your favorite ways to make magic with coconut oil?? Comment below or let me know on Instagram!

Keep glowin’,

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