Spring CleaningY’all – what a week it’s been! Last week I was taking care of one of the boys I nanny [I’m a full-time nanny, in case you didn’t know!] while he was home sick with a bad cold for a couple days. You better believe I was wiping down everything he touched and washing my hands so often they were literally cracking and bleeding. I did NOT want to get sick! But, alas, when Friday rolled around, I was feeling pretty yuck. I typically have Fridays off, so I slept in a little longer than usual. . which turned out to be until 4:30 PM, waking up only to sip a little water or take a bite of some toast – the only thing that was palatable to me at the moment. Needless to say, I got the bug.

The rest of the weekend was an up & down roller coaster between feeling ok & feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. I stocked up on healthy juice, water, vitamin C, endless tissues, and pho. I slept as much as I could. I tried to deal with it, but my body was yelling “NOOO”. So, in the end, after I was hit with a big fever, I went to the doc and was diagnosed with a sinus infection & bronchitis. Seriously, the worst. I guess sometimes you just can’t escape it!

Whether you’ve been hit with something bad, also, or you’re just ready to shed Winter, Spring cleaning your bod will probably do you [& me!!] some good. Spring is a time of growth, rejuvenation, and ridding yourself or your space of the stagnancy that Winter sometimes leaves us with. Check out some simple, yet effective, ways to Spring clean your body & find your glow again below. .

  • Incorporate juicing into your daily routine. The sun is shining and the temps are warming up – and your body is probably switching from craving warmer, cooked foods, to lighter, more fresh foods. Juicing provides an amazing nutrient boost, but try to stick with more veggies and avoid an overload of fruit when making your juices. Don’t have a juicer at home? No prob! Pick up a bottle from brands like Blueprint, Suja, Forager, or your local juice bar [and try avoiding Naked or Odwalla – they’re typically loaded with unnecessary sugars!!]
  • Spring clean your space. Keeping your environment clean and free of bacteria, dust, and clutter is so important in keeping your mind clear and ready to tackle the day. Make sure to pick up your clothes from the floor, organize your bookshelf, and de-clutter your desk space, then vacuum or mop the floors, wipe down surfaces with a disinfectant, and air out your office or home by opening all the windows on a clear, sunny day. When you’re cleaning, keep in mind that using household products that are free of chemicals and toxins are just as important as fueling your body with whole foods – cleaning products can contain some pretty nasty stuff, which can be strong enough to affect your hormones or organ function! When you’re picking up some new cleaning supplies next, just think – would I eat that or put it on my skin? If the answer is no, then put it back on the shelf! You’re going to breathe it in and it will absorb into your skin – so be really aware of what you’re using.
  • Ditch the sugar. Maybe this is a given, or maybe you’re getting tired of hearing it, but sugar is – plain & simple – bad for you. Not only is it going to spike your blood sugar, possibly leading to a wacky blood sugar issue down the road [think insulin resistance/diabetes], but it also causes inflammation and possibly even suppresses the immune system. In fact, a researcher in the ’70s named Dr. Linus Pauling first discovered that, “Eating any kind of sugar has the potential to reduce your body’s defenses by 75% or more for four to six hours.” Do you really want to risk all that for a candy bar?
  • Get outside & move your body. This is March’s intention anyway at BITG, so take it outside and run with it! And I mean that quite literally – running, walking, and cycling outdoors all have amazing body bennies. Not only are your lungs getting fresh, cleansing air, but exercising outdoors is engaging, allows us to get that healing vitamin D & is overall rejuvenating. Plus, its free! [I also just discovered Girl Get Outside – a website devoted to inspiring women to be active & get outside. Check it out!]
  • Pick up some flowers. Not only do flowers create a beautiful centerpiece in your home, but they’re more than just eye candy. Research has shown that flowers alleviate stress, lift a person’s current spirit, and ease away depression symptoms and anxiety. These pretty petals also bring you a little closer to nature, connecting you to something a little beyond your everyday, fast-paced life! Heading to the market to pick up a bunch? Pick out whichever flowers look the most cheerful & Spring-like to you. They’ll be an amazing addition to your space – making you feel more happy and light!

    What are some of your favorite Spring cleaning rituals? Share below or take a pic and share with me on Instagram [don’t forget to use the hashtag #findyourglow!]

Keep glowin’,

Be In The Glow