[5 Ways. .] To Love Coconut Oil

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I will be the first one to admit to using coconut oil everywhere. I use it in my baking, as a moisturizer for my skin & hair, and as a way to squash sugar cravings. Its gained popularity over the past few years and I bet you have a jar stored away in your house, too – ammmiright? Paleo eaters & vegans alike are obsessed with this ultimate multi-tasker – so what else, besides being a kick-ass moisturizer or excellent baking aide, is the tropical oil good for? I’m sharing my top not-so-typical uses for this favorite below….

JANUARY : Get To Know Real Food

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2015 is just a few hours away!! A new year is upon us, which means a clean slate, renewed goals, and the enthusiasm to get us there. This fresh beginning is an amazing opportunity to get on track to live the life you want – you have so much potential. This year, fall in love with your life. Since January is about to grace us with it’s presence, get ready to see diet this, cleanse that, and detox, detox, detox – but don’t allow your mind to get wrapped in the quick-fix. Give your body a break &…

Find Your Glow In 2015!

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This holiday season I’m feeling so much gratitude – I’m so happy to have spent an early holiday celebrating with my family in Arizona and my boyfriend’s in California [soaking up some rays in mid-December doesn’t hurt either!]. We have a wonderful family here who we spent our actual holiday with here – and to top it off, have had an incredibly sunny and warm [in the 40s – warm for DC this time of year] Christmas. Now that the holiday frazzle has passed, I’m able to finally spend some time focusing on what I…

[5 Ways…] To Reduce Holiday Stress

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I’m so there – I’ve got the holiday frazzle. You know, when you can’t concentrate because you’re thinking of the 10 to-do lists scattered around your house. You have to still put up your holiday decorations and your credit card’s on the verge of combustion from overuse. Even Christmas tunes can’t sooth your spinning head. Yeah, I’m definitely there. My boyfriend and I are actually heading to California to see his family, and then Arizona to see mine, tomorrow. We’ll be gone over the next week & a half, and this past week has been crazy – substantially adding to…

Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up [& Citrus Thyme Cranberry Sauce]

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The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching in the U.S. and I know some of you [err, maybe all?] are scrambling for the perfect dish to bring to your family feast or friendsgiving. I absolutely love T-giving because: A] food, duh & B] it’s a day of gratitude – if anything, it forces you to take a look at your surroundings and have a moment of pure thankfulness for what you are fortunate to have or to experience in life. In order to keep your gratitude pants on, and avoid getting grouchy because you’re racing to find the perfect last…

[5 Ways…] To Welcome T.O.M.

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All of us ladies get it. We have no choice for when it comes, how long it stays – it’s that friend who’s visit is always a surprise, requires a lot of energy, and usually botches at least one of your plans. T.O.M. As inconvenient as that time of the month [T.O.M.] is, its necessary and part of who we are as women. It can be a struggle some months to deal with it, frustrating to change plans we’ve created because it’d interfere with us enjoying them. But its also a beautiful thing that allows us to create life,…