[Morning Meals] Warming Turmeric Cashew Milk

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Is anyone else finding this wintery-like weather already borderline unbearable?! We haven’t had any snow [thank goodness] like other parts recently, but the down-to-the-bone chill & wind has already gotten to me. So, this past weekend I pulled out the sweaters, cranked the heat for a bit, and definitely made a heaping batch of this incredible Warming Turmeric Cashew Milk. I recently came up with this concoction during my recent cleanse, inspired by a fusion of Blueprint Cleanse’s Cashew Milk + my own craving for turmeric milk [or “golden milk”]. Turmeric milk is a drink rooted…

[Morning Meals] Paleo Apple Cinnamon Pancakes & Healthy Caramelized Ginger Apples

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You didn’t think you’d get another recipe so soon, did ya?! I wanted to wait, but I just couldn’t! If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw I went apple picking with some girlfriends at a nearby farm this past weekend. If you’re in the DC area and are looking to go apple picking or want to find that perfect pumpkin, check out Homestead Farm in Poolesville, MD. They have a great property with tons of parking, lots of apple trees of all different varieties, and also a farm market that has incredible produce! It…

Roasted Veggie Frittata with Sweet Potato Crust

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Fall is in the air!! Leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and pumpkin is everywhere! I love cool days when I can enjoy some tea with the patio door cracked. I love the coziness of it all and how fall just feels so good. I also love enjoying something that screams comfort on my plate – like a frittata. Frittatas, to me, are the absolute perfect meal – you have farm fresh, protein-packed eggs with veggies galore, and a tasty crust, if you choose, [like this sweet potato one] that adds a little bit of sustenance to make this dish a…

[Morning Meals] CocoNutty Granola & My 4 Fave Cookbooks

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Has anyone else noticed how chilly its been in the mornings lately? I’ve been sleeping in my fleecy pants! To be honest, I’m really looking forward to autumn – beautiful colors, new veggies in season, and back to a normal work schedule – but I can’t say I’m ready to feel chilly yet. So, to warm me up in the mornings this past week I’ve been eating foods that are a little heavier and keep me feeling cozy, like my superfood porridge, eggs with sautéed kale & avo, and this delicious homemade granola I’m sharing today. It’s also been…

Thyme-Blackberry Chia Jam

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If you didn’t know yet, I’m a huge fan of chia. The seeds are full of fiber, omega-3’s, and can be an excellent source of energy for your workout. So, when we had an overabundance of blackberries & a couple of special guests coming over for brunch, I employed the tiny powerhouse to give me a hand! Along with a peach-blackberry coffee cake and blackberry ice cubes, I made a thyme-infused blackberry jam to serve with a cheese platter. The jam was a last minute addition to the brunch and turned out really well, even though it didn’t have…

[Morning Meals] Refreshing Fruit Bowl & Why Fats Are Essential

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When the weather is warmer, as it is during summer, I find myself eating lighter meals – especially breakfast. I’m also beginning to transition into a gentle cleanse that I’ll officially begin next week. So, this morning meal is filled with fresh fruit and perfect for making ahead for a busy week or enjoying during a slow morning while sipping your tea or coffee. You can pair it with a protein-rich smoothie if you’ve had a tough workout beforehand, but I like to eat this on its own when I need something refreshing & light….