f8d7892ddd1b6a359b12973f2bd5e6ebIt’s February 1st! I cannot believe how quick January flew by. Honestly, for me it wasn’t the sparkling, new beginning that I usually experience in the beginning of the new year. But it was quiet. Don’t get me wrong – my calendar was certainly full, but for some reason it felt like the craziness of 2014 finally transitioned to more calm and clear. And it was so welcome.

The last 31 days I’ve spent a lot of energy focusing on my goals for 2015, specifically cleaning up my diet a bit and focusing on real food. Although I wasn’t totally perfect – I had a little bit of chocolate here, a glass of wine when we went out for dinner or maybe a decaf coffee on the weekend – all in all, I am really proud of what I accomplished this month. I no longer feel like I need to have a warm cup of coffee in the mornings to get me going, want wine after work or have dessert after dinner [in fact, my sweets cravings all together are super minimal – a big first for me!]. I’m pretty aware of what ingredients I put into my body, but this month I became über conscious about every ingredient on anything packaged or bottled.

Something else I’m super proud of? I haven’t had gluten since the month began. I’ve been striving to stay away from wheat and anything that contains gluten for a few years now, but its become really important for me to stick with it 100% – and you know what? It’s not that difficult. We never have gluten anything in our home, so what has been tough is going out to eat and going to friends’ or family’s homes for a meal [I don’t want to be THAT girl], but I’ve stuck to my guns and have made great progress in that area.

Now that February has rolled around, I’m going to carry my clean eating with me, but really focus on what the month of love is all about on BITG : nurturing relationships. This intention is really important to me because my family and friends are my biggest support system and loudest cheerleaders – they are the ones that push me to find my glow. So the next 28 days I’m really going to put in an effort to call loved ones – both far and near. So how can you focus on nurturing the relationships in your life??

It could be as simple as writing a letter or a quick “thinking of you” text to calling a friend to tell her how much she means to you. But its also important to nurture the relationship you have with yourself. Take care of you by drawing to a warm bath during a stressful week, pick up some flowers to add a little color to your room, or allow a rest day when your body is just not feeling up to a hard workout.

Focus on simply showing yourself, and those you’re close with, love by just taking a little time out of each week – or a couple minutes each day – and doing something that shows appreciation.

So, what will you do to nurture the relationships in your life this month and beyond? And how have your January goals gone?! Feel free to share below!

Keep glowin’,

Be In The Glow