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Hello friends!

I’m Emily and I’d like to welcome you to Be In The Glow – a space to come for nourishing recipes, natural beauty DIYs & thoughts on healthy living, so you can find what makes you g l o w from the inside out!

Since I was small, I’ve loved being in the kitchen – creating odd recipes out of whatever was in the fridge and scouring through my first recipe book. I spent my childhood with bare feet in my huge backyard, in my dad’s garden, or in the woods in Northern Wisconsin. Because of these experiences, through learning on my own and through my education as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, I’ve come to a diet based on whole foods from nature that makes me feel good. Keeping my plate close to the Earth, and as seasonal as can be, has sparked a deep passion for food & fueling my body with only the healthy stuff. I still have fun playing around in the kitchen – either experimenting with recipes from books or blogs, or by creating my own. You can expect to find recipes on BITG that are very nutritious and are made with simple ingredients that are oftentimes from local farms in the DC area where I live.

Because of my background as an aesthetician and my “DIY” attitude, I also love to create beauty products and skin care that you can make at home! I strongly advocate using all-natural and organic products that are just a few ingredients and close to nature. Here you’ll only read about DIY recipes or recommendations for products that have no- to low-toxicity and are BITG-approved.

I hope you enjoy what knowledge I have to share through my passion for healthy living. Stick around a while and let me know what you think!

Keep glowin’,


PS – Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram [@beintheglow] or contact me through the Contact Me! page if you ever have a question, comment, or suggestion!



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