Here in the US we live in a society that teaches us its all or nothing. We’re taught this in school. in our careers, and even when it comes to our diets. Did you know that there are108 million people in the United States that are on diets? With so many people obsessing over losing weight or being healthier that means the amount of money spent on diet books, fast-acting weight loss pills, diet programs, etc. reaches upwards of $20 billion each year. Unfortunately for the people who invest in these get-fit-quick fixes, the results are not always going to last for the rest of their lifetime.

This is where eating real food comes in. Instead of ingesting pills that curb appetite, why not fuel your body in a way that allow it to function optimally? When your body is working the way its meant to by moving daily & eating correctly, you will naturally lose weight, have more energy, and even raise your self esteem by simply feeling good.

By focusing on eating good-for-you food, you naturally become aware of what goes into your mouth during meals, whether its cooking at home or out at a restaurant. You begin to make better decisions like ordering veggie fajitas instead of the monster burrito or switching the heavy cream in that recipe for coconut cream.

But by eating a wholesome diet, it also means finding balance [toss the “all or nothing” mentality out the window!]. If you don’t have an ingredient available or you’re at a party and would love a cocktail, use what you have in the cupboard or have one drink! Being healthy means nourishing your body, but also simply enjoying yourself. Just because you ate one cookie does not mean you should think you “ruined” the entire day and finish the entire package of cookies! It means finding moderation & balance between doing something good for your body and doing something enjoyable for your self.

So, don’t create anxiety around your eating habits– instead, create a positive relationship with your food choices. After all, eating should be something to appreciate & savor!

Keep glowin’,