[Morning Meals] Refreshing Fruit Bowl & Why Fats Are Essential

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When the weather is warmer, as it is during summer, I find myself eating lighter meals – especially breakfast. I’m also beginning to transition into a gentle cleanse that I’ll officially begin next week. So, this morning meal is filled with fresh fruit and perfect for making ahead for a busy week or enjoying during a slow morning while sipping your tea or coffee. You can pair it with a protein-rich smoothie if you’ve had a tough workout beforehand, but I like to eat this on its own when I need something refreshing & light….

Natural Bug Spray

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This time of year – especially with the humidity here in DC – it’s not uncommon to get eaten up by mosquitoes during our evening dinners on the porch (or walking to work & hiking). For some reason it seems I get more bites than most. So I’ve decided to take care of that problem – naturally! When we were in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama, last fall for a week, the caretakers of the property we stayed on had an endless supply of essential oils. Everything we used on the island had…

Because The World Needs More [Healthy] Pizza

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Anyone who tells you they don’t like pizza simply can’t be someone you can trust. Only those who have never tasted the combination of tangy sauce, roasted veggies, and crisp crust will tell you that pizza is not on the top of their favorites list! Pizza has always been one of my go-to dishes when we have a quiet movie night in [or a last minute get together with friends], although its not something we always make because the pizza I prefer isn’t the run-of-the-mill Domino’s. I constantly want to experiment with the different ingredients –…

Get Here Now

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I have this thing – I love to picture myself & my man living in all the fun places we love to travel or wish to travel to someday. I scour Craigslist for the cutest houses we can afford. I read about towns on Wikipedia, travel forums, blogs. I look at what I could do to make a living there and if it’d be a lucrative market. It consumes me for a week, maybe two if its a really great place. Part of it’s my wanderlust – I’ve lived in Wisconsin, Arizona, Hawaii, Sweden, Colorado, and…

Pickling Cucumbers [& Other Veggies]

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Pickling has been a kitchen activity that I’ve been around since I was small. My grandma pickles, my dad pickles, my uncles, aunts, brother.. And now I’m happy to continue on with the tradition! I love pickles – I was the kid who drank pickle juice straight out of the jar when all the pickles were eaten! Its the perfect accompaniment to any sandwich, burger, salads, or great on its own. I only recently began making my own after buying a jar of Vlasic pickles and realizing shortly after that the ingredient list contained yellow…

Travelin’ Snacks

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I’m so excited for the weekend– my man & I are heading out to Charlottesville, VA [just a short 2 hr drive from DC] for a night. I cannot wait for some good wine tasting, a tech-free two days & a challenging hike in the mountain air! Charlottesville has been on our list of getaways since we moved to the DC area, so it should be a fun weekend exploring. Whether I’m flying or driving, I always have to have some snacks on me to make sure I don’t get the hangry syndrome whilst traveling. When…