Perspective // Seeing In A New Light

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Another snowy day here in DC, which means another school delay.. which means an early work day for me. Before receiving a request to come in a few hours early to work, I had dreams of a snow day for all so I’d get to drink hot tea in my pj’s while working away on homework in bed from sunrise to sunset [is it weird I was dreaming of doing homework all day?]. But, alas, no such luck for me or the hundreds of thousands of students and government workers in the capital city. We…

No-Bake PB Coconut Balls

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You guys . . I fell off the wagon. I’ve been doing pretty well sticking to my January goals – I’ve completely cut out gluten [a goal I intend to stick with beyond January], had only about 3 glasses of wine [I know, whoops], have had one decaf latte [does that count as real coffee?], and have drastically lowered sugar intake. Ok, I’m not perfect – my goal was to cut everything out completely. But you know what?! January isn’t over yet and I’ve stuck to no gluten 100%, which was most important to me from…

Heart Beet Winter Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Dressing

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You know those days when you’re just craving something lean & green? Your body can’t get over its need for some fresh veggie goodness? I’ve been there. Actually, I’m there. This week I’ve been treating my body to some serious workouts and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my food cravings when I begin getting hungry. Typically the cold weather has me all about soups, curries, oatmeal and anything else that’s super warming [because I’m alwaysss chilly]. But the past few days have been fresh veggie central – fresh juices, huge green smoothies, and big salads. Lesson learned :…

[5 Ways. .] To Love Coconut Oil

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I will be the first one to admit to using coconut oil everywhere. I use it in my baking, as a moisturizer for my skin & hair, and as a way to squash sugar cravings. Its gained popularity over the past few years and I bet you have a jar stored away in your house, too – ammmiright? Paleo eaters & vegans alike are obsessed with this ultimate multi-tasker – so what else, besides being a kick-ass moisturizer or excellent baking aide, is the tropical oil good for? I’m sharing my top not-so-typical uses for this favorite below….

Hearty Winter Chili

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BRRR. Anyone else feeling that polar vortex chill?! We just got our first snow of DC’s winter season and it is officially cold here! Although the roads are gross and the skies are cloudy, the snow at least helps to brighten up the day. I’m not a cold weather person, so I’m allll about anything that warms me up. Which prompted me to make this delish chili yesterday. . We had a plethora of root veggies sitting in our fridge – typically I’ll either roast them or throw ’em in the juicer, but its too cold to…

JANUARY : Get To Know Real Food

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2015 is just a few hours away!! A new year is upon us, which means a clean slate, renewed goals, and the enthusiasm to get us there. This fresh beginning is an amazing opportunity to get on track to live the life you want – you have so much potential. This year, fall in love with your life. Since January is about to grace us with it’s presence, get ready to see diet this, cleanse that, and detox, detox, detox – but don’t allow your mind to get wrapped in the quick-fix. Give your body a break &…