positive thoughts, perspective, snowy day, Be In The GlowAnother snowy day here in DC, which means another school delay.. which means an early work day for me. Before receiving a request to come in a few hours early to work, I had dreams of a snow day for all so I’d get to drink hot tea in my pj’s while working away on homework in bed from sunrise to sunset [is it weird I was dreaming of doing homework all day?]. But, alas, no such luck for me or the hundreds of thousands of students and government workers in the capital city. We didn’t get hit nearly as hard with the Snowpocalypse as New York or farther north – just a couple of measly inches and wet roads.

To be honest, I was feeling pretty cranky when I crawled out of bed this AM. I wasn’t looking forward to bundling up and braving the cold – and I was also annoyed I didn’t have any time to do homework or get my morning workout in. But later when I hopped in my car to head to work, I had some time to think about the day ahead – when the busyness of stomping my feet getting ready in the morning passed, I actually looked around and saw beauty in the snow on the trees, and felt gratitude for my life as a whole. For a healthy family, a fun job, a loving partner, passion projects, opportunity to study, etc. etc. By taking a second to take a deep breath and change my way of thinking, I found gratitude in the moment and, instead of grumpy, felt light & love for the day ahead.

So, what if – what if I decide to just change my mind and see beauty in the everyday mundane things I encounter? What if I toss my schedule out the window and embrace the spontaneity life throws at me?

What if I changed my perspective everyday?

Its really easy to get grumpy – but why are we so fast to embrace a negative outlook, when optimism is just as easy as flicking a switch? What would really happen if you woke up & thought “today is going to be f*ing fantastic”, instead of “ughhh, I’m dreading that meeting, and its raining – I wish I could just stay home”?

When you change your perspective to the more positive side, you’re actually opening your mind to create more possibilities in your day. Not to mention, having happy thoughts attract happy occurrences. All of this is as simple as paying attention to your thoughts. Especially during the busy workweek, our minds are prone to go on autopilot. Make it a priority this week, though, to really listen to what’s going on in your head – when your coworker is getting on your nerves, take a deep breath and divert a negative situation by actually listening to what they’re saying – maybe you’ll find value in it; when the weather is not on par with your day’s schedule, try to find an optimistic outlook [even if its tiny] : the rain is cozy and the perfect excuse to take a break to grab a cup of tea, or even though its snowy and cold outside, the snow makes the trees look beautiful and the cold air is super refreshing!

Pay attention, also, to your thoughts when you look in the mirror – fat talk & negative self esteem is more common among young women [& men!] than it ever should be. Instead of thinking how big your thighs look or how many pimples you have, find beauty in your body – “my thighs are strong & carry me without fail”// “my skin has been through a lot – its time to appreciate it and treat it with love”.

perspective, positive thinking, light, Be In The GlowLesson for the day : change your perspective by finding the beauty in what you have & what’s surrounding you. Positive thoughts are likely going to lift your spirits and all-around make you feel happier, more confident, and determined.

So, what do you have to lose?

Keep glowin’,

Be In The Glow