Homemade Doggie Treats

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This time of year we’re running around with our hands and heads full of lists naming present after present for our family and friends – but we can’t forget our furry friends, too! I am a dog lover through and through, and even though my schedule and apartment don’t permit me to have a pup of my own, I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by dogs on a daily basis – at work and at friends’ homes. So, I had to make sure I took a little time out of the crazy busy schedule this…

Baked Sweet Potato Latkes

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One thing I absolutely love about food is the memories you can create with certain meals, or how meals can bring family & friends together. Food associated with tradition is fascinating to me – there is a warmth that traditions bring, which is why this time of year is usually so special. So, I wanted to take a stab at a healthy version of traditional latkes – or potato pancakes [depending on where you’re coming from]. For all my Jewish friends, Hanukkah began a few days ago. As a part of the tradition, foods fried in oil…

[Morning Meals] Gingerbread Pancakes

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Holiday love is in the air! Despite the stress of the holiday season, there is something super special about the tree lights, family festivities, and the smell of cinnamon & hot cocoa in the air. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the cheer in the air is contagious for everyone! We’re on the last day of our trip now, and its been an incredible time away. Brunch is a specialty of my boyfriend & mine, so we decided to make a fun morning spread for my family as a last hoorah before we head back East….

[5 Ways…] To Reduce Holiday Stress

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I’m so there – I’ve got the holiday frazzle. You know, when you can’t concentrate because you’re thinking of the 10 to-do lists scattered around your house. You have to still put up your holiday decorations and your credit card’s on the verge of combustion from overuse. Even Christmas tunes can’t sooth your spinning head. Yeah, I’m definitely there. My boyfriend and I are actually heading to California to see his family, and then Arizona to see mine, tomorrow. We’ll be gone over the next week & a half, and this past week has been crazy – substantially adding to…

Holiday Detox Salad

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Phew – we made it through Thanksgiving!! I love eating. And I’ve always loved Thanksgiving’s gluttonous mentality. I was totally that kid who went back for second servings and then [even though I was stuffed] wanted dessert, like ASAP. I wasn’t ever overweight when I was younger, but all that overeating eventually caught up to me in my teens. I was fortunate to never reach an unhealthy state, but I knew I needed to change my ways. The last few years have been completely unlike other Thanksgivings in the past. Instead of filling up on…