Hello you!

I’m so happy to have you here on Be In The Glow! I’m really looking forward to sharing this space & my knowledge on everything healthy living. My health journey really began when I became a vegetarian at the age of 16. I had to educate myself from the very beginning on the correct way to practice vegetarianism while feeding myself the proper nutrients I needed to keep my still-growing body well. It took many years and many trials & error to find a balance. It was never easy!

Today I find that I have a more natural tendency towards fueling & nourishing my body with the things it truly craves. That’s not to say I don’t like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie or a piece of pizza once in a while! I’m still human. What it really means is that I’m able to listen to what my stomach really needs – giving my cells the nutrients its missing so they can be replenished & go on doin’ what they do. This also means that I eat meat now on a regular basis because, hey, I need an egg in the morning or a good burger once in a while [a free range, pasture-raised & happy burger, of course!].

Part of being, feeling, and knowing health is also appreciating & forgiving yourself – with gratitude, love & patience. I try my hardest to not ever get down on myself for eating something a little junky or skipping my morning workout. I may not look like a model or an athlete, but I certainly feel like one most days because I’ve learned to cherish & feel gratitude towards what I have [& also what I do not]. I’m blessed with my health, amazing love around me, the ability to move everyday, and the humility to be a constant student. All things that truly spark my inner glow.

I hope that through BITG I can offer you some things from which you’ll learn, and also learn from what you may have to teach me, too!

I’m so looking forward to this journey we’re about to embark on together! Now, let’s get this thing started..

Keep glowin’,